Is Reddit a Good Source for Gaming News?

We need to find our news somewhere in the world. News sites seem like an obvious choice, but it becomes stale when you see them reporting the same thing over and over again. When a company releases a trailer, you see the news outlet report that the company released a trailer.  That can get boring and repetitive, unless some actual […]

Read Dead Redemption 2 – A Review

There is nothing like a good story in a video game. Stories can take you places, somewhere not here, or rather, somewhere where we want to be, in order to try something new. Additionally, it is great when we can experience a world that we usually wouldn’t be able to, like that of the Wild West. The westerns are often […]

Why Do Gamers Rely on Discord So Much?

Software comes and goes, particularly if it is not well maintained. Some software choices are better than others, in certain contexts, of course. Chatting programs are not as popular as they used to be, but in some instances, they stand out above the rest.  If you take a look at the gaming world, you will see that Discord is among […]

Elden Ring: My Opinion On It

Video games get released every single year and when there is a game that people are expecting, we are either really disappointed or really pleased when the game is released. There is often no middle ground and if there is one, it is reserved for those people who can leave a detailed review and not get emotional over a game […]

Is it Possible to Have a Career in Gaming?

Today, some of the topics that we should discuss are esports and streaming. Video games are really popular and gamers play them all the time. From young gamers to the elderly, there are plenty of us to go around and most of us play the games for fun. Some people play video games as professionals, making a career out of […]

Games We Can’t Wait to Play in 2022

Another year, another game. Every year, there are many video game releases, some of which we simply cannot wait to play. Every year, a couple of those games stand out and they leave customers wanting for more. 2022 has already had some great releases and we still can’t wait to play even those. Here are the top games of 2022 […]