Today, some of the topics that we should discuss are esports and streaming. Video games are really popular and gamers play them all the time. From young gamers to the elderly, there are plenty of us to go around and most of us play the games for fun. Some people play video games as professionals, making a career out of them. There are many professionals in the gaming world, but not all of them play in top-tier leagues.

But, can one even hope to have a career in gaming, and when is it too late to start trying? Here are my thoughts on the topic.

Anyone Can Be a Professional

A professional athlete is a person who earns money by doing the job that they do, whether sports or esports in this case. Professionals only need to earn money for a living to be considered professionals. This should not be as difficult as becoming a superstar athlete, such as S1mple or Faker are. 

Professionals such as those are a product of extreme talent and even more extreme practice, combined with some genetics and a bit of luck. However, one doesn’t need to reach those levels in order to be a professional, and money can be earned in all leagues of gaming, albeit the pay will not be as good.

A Streamer is Also a Gamer, or Could Be

Most streamers who play video games are either really good at the game, or are entertaining, or a combination of both. Some people are not entertaining, but are so good that thousands watch them every single time they stream.

Gameplay matters so getting good, as the saying goes, is the first step to becoming a successful gamer. Being a successful streamer, on the other hand, requires more than just knowing how to play a game. You need to entertain an audience, and you need people to watch you.

Being a Top-Tier Professional is Hard

Top tier leagues in every esports title are very tough to get into, particularly for people over the age of 20. Esports has started taking very young athletes, from the age of 17, when they can legally play in most games, even though organizations pick talent up from the age of 13, nurturing them into amazing athletes. 

Even if you are very good, competing at the top is hard, no matter whether it is an individual esports, or a team game. Getting there is not impossible, but it will be unreachable for most people, other than the very determined ones.

Have Backups

No matter your choice of career, whether streamer or professional gamer, you should have backups. The stars might not line up for you or you might see that the jobs are not what you wanted, so have that in mind and always have backups. This is something professionals also do, planning ahead and not banking on esports or streaming only.

Yes, it is possible to make a career out of video games, through either streaming or professional gaming, but it is a challenge, to say the least.