80s Adventure Games – Are They Worth Playing?

Most of us have not tried video games from the 1980s. Some of us have, but we have been gaming for a while now, and for some, curiosity got the better of them, and they eventually ended up playing video games from almost 40 years ago. Old video games, such as those from the 1980s, have a tendency to be […]

What Adventure Video Games Changed the Gaming Industry

Thanks to technology, nowadays people can have fun at their homes. Some prefer to entertain themselves using online offers similar to Parimatch promo code, and some are more into playing video games. The popularity of video games has increased recently, so gamers can choose from many different genres. For example, adventure games are not rare these days. They have been […]

Why Is The Assassin’s Creed Franchise So Popular?

As far as video game franchises go, some are more popular than others. Franchises like Call of Duty come to mind. They had plenty of shooter games that you could just blow your way through, beating any dangerous enemy, while losing some good people while doing so. Other franchises have been even more popular, even though we keep wondering why.  […]

What Are Adventure Games?

We have played all sorts of video games throughout our time, and not all of them have a great story. Some do, but others are more about the gameplay and the action. Not so with adventure games, despite their name. Adventure games are something more relaxed, or so we would like to think before we get stuck with a silly […]

The Last of Us: Part II – What Do the People Think

When video games are released, we often find critics sharing their opinions about them. But, critics are people that other people, or rather, regular people, have learned to dislike and most of the time, find their opinions to be terrible. We are interested in what the people think, regular people who spend their time playing games occasionally and do not […]

Video Games for Beginners

Everybody has to start somewhere and even with video games, there are a couple of video games that people should use as introductory ones. There are so many video games out there, so here are the best ones for beginners to start their gaming journey with. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Skyrim is one of the best RPGs of the […]