Video games get released every single year and when there is a game that people are expecting, we are either really disappointed or really pleased when the game is released. There is often no middle ground and if there is one, it is reserved for those people who can leave a detailed review and not get emotional over a game not delivering, or over-delivering.

Elden Ring was launched in 2022 and gamers jumped on the bandwagon immediately. 

Having played the game personally, I should give my thoughts on the topic, as it was a decent experience.

What is Elden Ring?

You have probably heard of the Souls franchise, or rather, the Dark Souls games, where you battle enemies who are tough as nails, and then you fight the bosses, where you can’t even mess up a single time. 

The same company decided to make another game, called Elden Ring. The game is similar to the Souls franchise, of course, but the story was co-written by one George R.R. Martin, a very famous writer who brought us Game of Thrones.

Elden Ring is an action RPG set in an open world, in what is called the Lands Between.

The Gameplay

The gameplay is great. As an action RPG, you can’t really ask more from the game. It has everything you want. The mechanics are great and you can build your characters in many different ways, working towards the goal of being as strong as possible. Combos are key here, and you can block and weave magic, which is really great, because the gameplay is anything but linear. 

You can even conjure spirits to help you fight other enemies. There are many mechanics in this game, which is a breath of fresh air.

The Story

The story is set in the Lands Between, after the Elden Ring was destroyed and the runes were sent flying all over the Lands. As the player, you have to find the runes and overthrow a tyrant. It’s a simple enough story, but in typical FromSoftware fashion, was executed flawlessly. Their ability to take a cheesy and standard story and turn it into something interesting should not be understated. George probably helped with this part, which is to be expected.

The Graphics

Being a game released in 2022, the graphics are about as beautiful as you can expect. If they are too much for your computers, lowering them doesn’t really ruin the experience. Being an action RPG, it is not a sightseeing game. In this game, you will be mostly focusing on the combat, so don’t be afraid to turn down the graphics to get some sweet frames.

All in all, Elden Ring is a great game that you should definitely try if you like fighting and RPGs.