Where did Slither.io Come From and Why is It So Popular?

Video games come, video games go, some stay, some change and adapt and we still remain gamers, playing them and finding new ones to play. Browser games weren’t doing all that good for the first part of the 2010s. They became a bit better in the second part, as the io domain was becoming more popular and gamers started taking […]

How Popular Are Browser Games Today?

This day and age, when mobile phones are used every single moment, we don’t really think about other types of games, do we? Well, wrong. People still love playing games, particularly when they are seated by a big screen and bored out of their minds. There are tons of great games that people would rather play online, than settle for […]

The Mass Exodus of Browser Games

The world changes, we know it, and companies and individuals who build products also know it. When you are faced with a shift in the trends, then you have to either adapt or are forced to do something else entirely, to start anew and abandon your projects. Back in the early 2000s, we had a massive influx of video games, […]

Drakensang Online: My Take On It

Video games come and go and some video games are liked by most people and still played to this day, despite newcomers not understanding why. There are games that are played in browsers, which people actually like and enjoy, like Elvenar, a strategy game or the recent Heroes of Might and Magic Online. Then, there are games which end up […]

These Were the Best Browser Games of 2021

Every year, we get new titles released. Video games pop up here and there. We all like a good video game, especially if we can play it online. Browser games come and go, and have been through a lot of trouble once flash was disposed of and ultimately guttered, but today, they are doing a lot better. Through HTML5 and […]

What Are Browser Games?

In a world gone by, browser games were pretty much the only thing that you could play without having a powerful enough PC. Either you played browser games, or you played old games through emulators. Imagine telling some people back then that we would have Discord or Twitch. They wouldn’t believe us, as even consoles were not an option for […]

How Did Browser Games Affect An Entire Generation?

Video games are not what they used to be. The entire gaming market changed when mobile phones became tools that could support high-quality video games, for their size and power, of course. That being said, there was a period in time where everybody could make a video game and put it into a browser, through the usage of Adobe Flash. […]