Is It Worth Making Indie Games?

As a game developer, you want to make money from your own products, right? Well, it is harder than it looks from the outside, as we will find out. Development is a hard process that takes a lot of time and budget. People are not really ready to explore unknown video games and get into the dark waters without having […]

5 Game Design Tips for Beginner Developers

Building your own game can take time and money and if you don’t know what you’re doing, the process can be hard and stressful. The process will likely be just that, regardless, so you should be ready to face the stress either way.  A good way to approach game development is to find out what you should and what you […]

Should You Make Your Own Game Engine?

Video game creation is a process that you shouldn’t take lightly, if you want to start doing it. Creating even the simplest of video games is hard, so you should not go into the process unaware of what the outcome might be. Investing your time and money prior to realizing that the project is going to be harder than you […]

Coding Your Own Game: How Can You Do It?

Everyone likes being a creator, which is why we all like doing creative things, from art to music, physical activities, woodworking and any type of creation. There are countless ways we can create new objects and today, even software. As people who frequently use computers, we are drawn to video games and software. Creating a video game is something most […]

Things You Need to Know Before Creating Your Own Game

Video games are not easy to create and they never have been, except during one period of time when flash browser games were flooding the internet. Today, video games are created in various ways, using engines or building your own if the existing engines are not cutting it. Either of the choices require a lot of effort and time, so […]

How Important is the Storyline in a Game?

We tend to play video games because we like some aspect of the game. Games tend to be centered around a couple of things, either a story or the gameplay, or in the case of some games, both. Whether you choose gameplay or story, all games that are good excel in something. Stories are seen as essential parts of a […]