We need to find our news somewhere in the world. News sites seem like an obvious choice, but it becomes stale when you see them reporting the same thing over and over again. When a company releases a trailer, you see the news outlet report that the company released a trailer. 

That can get boring and repetitive, unless some actual investigative and inquisitive journalism is done and very few sites that report news about video games do such a thing.

This is when we make a switch and start reading about things on forums. Reddit is similar to a forum, but different. It is a social media site which is also a decent news source, sometimes.

But, is it a good source for gaming news? It depends, and here is why.

Reddit Has Many People and That Means Many Opinions

When you visit reddit you can find information about anything. But, is that information valid? It can be, but it depends on your prior knowledge about the topic. If you know information about the topic, then you are able to fact-check the information and find out whether the redditor in question was telling the truth or just spewing nonsense for the sake of karma.

When you have so many people gathered around, some of them are bound to be telling the truth while others are probably going to tell their versions of the truth, which may not coincide with the reality. 

Game News Subreddits

There are many subreddits to browse, some of which are highly moderating. Such subreddits are decent places to find information about games. When something is labeled as a rumor, then you know that it is a rumor and can treat it as such.

When something is labeled as reliable information, then you know that you have just read something that you can trust and be relatively certain that it will take place, like a leak from a game from reliable leakers, or rather, sources who know leakers in the industry. Always be on the lookout for which subreddit you are browsing, no matter whether you are searching for gaming news or something else.

Game Subreddits

This is a good place to start if you want news about a concrete game. Most gamers who liked one game will likely be hyped for the sequel and will be talking about it. When the Avowed trailer was released, a game from Obsidian, an RPG which is supposed to take place in the world of Pillars of Eternity, avid fans started translating the runes which can be found on the sword that the character wields in the trailer. The sword’s name is Oathbinder and it is tied to Woedica, a goddess of justice, known as the Exiled Queen. 

Gamers are cool like that and you can count on them to decipher trailers and find information about almost anything, so always look at the game subreddits for information such as this.

Use Common Sense

Reddit is a social media/forum/news site. Treat it as such and be mindful of who’s posting and in which subreddit. Don’t buy into the hype but use common sense and deduct whether a piece of news is worth getting excited over.

Reddit can be a decent place to get news, provided that you are vigilant about which subreddits you visit and how much you pay attention to the posts and posters.