Another year, another game. Every year, there are many video game releases, some of which we simply cannot wait to play. Every year, a couple of those games stand out and they leave customers wanting for more. 2022 has already had some great releases and we still can’t wait to play even those. Here are the top games of 2022 that people are waiting for, sometimes very impatiently.


Little is known about Bethesda’s new IP, except that it is set in space and that it will be made on the improved Creation Engine. This also means a plethora of modding. Bethesda loves the Creation Engine because it has already made strong ties to the community, becoming a modding platform. Most Bethesda titles from Fallout 3 and onward have mods which make them even better games than they were after all the patches. Starfield is on everyone’s mind and the date is, of course, 11.11.2022.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is the successor to the first game and one that has already been released. Still, people want to play it, over and over again. Build your favorite blunt or sharp weapon and find zombies to mash their heads in. The dropkick is still in the game, of course. The game’s parkour has been updated, once again with parkour founder, David Belle, there for motion capture. He is now a character in the game. The game is showing great gameplay and parkour, but has seen some critical reviews, particularly a “rushed” launch.


Square Enix has always made interesting and good RPGs, with their own take on what an RPG should look like. From older titles like Chrono Trigger to new games such as the Final Fantasy series, Forspoken is the next RPG that everybody is looking forward to. A game where you can use fingernail art to create magic and defeat enemies, sounds pretty awesome already. 

The game is shaping up to have great gameplay mechanics, parkour, acrobatics and flying, so it is definitely not going to be slow-paced. 

Horizon: Forbidden West

Horizon had a great first game, called Zero Dawn, which was quickly released for the PC and other platforms, despite it first being a PlayStation exclusive. It is currently a PlayStation exclusive but PC gamers are hoping for a quick port, because the game looks wonderful and seems like it is a great sequel to an already great game. The reviews praise it and everybody is looking forward to a PC port. It’s up to you, Sony.

Elden Ring

Out of nowhere, FromSoftware decided to give us a game called Elden Ring, which has had so many positive reviews already, that people are just replaying it, on and on. Elden Ring is a Dark Souls type of game, meaning very difficult. It is boss-centric and its story has been written in collaboration with Geroge R.R. Martin, the mind behind the Game of Thrones.

Saints Row

Saints Row started their journey as a series, by being clones of the GTA franchise. As the games were developed, they started cloning other popular games, such as Mass Effect. There is an upcoming Saints Row game and the trailer shows us a mix of modern and sci-fi, just as we like it.

These are the best and most wanted games of 2022. Some have already been released, others are still in the making.