There is nothing like a good story in a video game. Stories can take you places, somewhere not here, or rather, somewhere where we want to be, in order to try something new. Additionally, it is great when we can experience a world that we usually wouldn’t be able to, like that of the Wild West.

The westerns are often corny and done without taste, but not all westerns are like that. There are a couple of great video games that take place in the period of cowboys and outlaws, and Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of them. Released in 2018 for the consoles and 2019 for the PC, it is a game that marked the year, showing us what a good RPG should look like.

What is It About?

Well, the wild west, of course, set in fictitious states of the US, namely West Elizabeth, New Hanover, New Austin, Lemoyne and Ambarino. There are many things to be found and explored in the wild west, following the protagonist Arthur Morgan, a gunslinger who is there to take care of his band of people and pick up some strangers along the way, taking care of them, too.

The story is not one with a happy ending, so make sure to play the game with an open mind, expected to be brought to tears. The story is great and will take you on a wild ride, as it is expected of the west.

What About the Gameplay?

This game has everything you expect an RPG to have, especially an action RPG. You expect it to have more combat and it can have as much combat as you want, but that is not the primary focus of the game, even though it is an action RPG.

The mechanics are great and you will find yourself not challenging the gameplay decisions made by Rockstar, a company which often delivers great games, this one being no exception. 

From horse riding to taking care of one’s horse, world building and exploration, the game has everything an RPG should have, and more.

What About the Graphics?

When it was released, RDR2 was a game that we were baffled by. Beautiful and breathtaking, the game’s scenery was as immersive as possible. With support for ultrawide monitors, the game can draw you in and allow you to explore the wild west in all its glory. Whether you take it slowly and enjoy the scenery or enter combat and rush through the missions, always on the run, the graphics will not disappoint you. From the leaves to the buildings, the horses and the clothes, everything is great.

Among the many games that get released, Red Dead Redemption 2 is among the very best, deserving of your time.