Every year, we get new titles released. Video games pop up here and there. We all like a good video game, especially if we can play it online. Browser games come and go, and have been through a lot of trouble once flash was disposed of and ultimately guttered, but today, they are doing a lot better.

Through HTML5 and various other languages that browsers can run without causing major issues and having exploitations, we have browser games to this day, better than they ever were.

Here are the best browser games of 2021, that are still good and that you can play and enjoy.


There is an actual Doom version that you can play online. Not the new Doom games, of course, but the original Doom. It is old enough that it will work in a browser, without a problem. If you have never seen Doom or played it, the original games, of course, then you owe it to yourself to play the games. There is no way around it. 

Dark Orbit Reloaded

A game in space is always fun. Its tagline is: “The fight for essential resources has begun”. This tagline is scary because it is very precise and to an extent resonates with what is happening on our planet. 

Not to go into other topics, this game is a simple game where you captain a starship and complete all sorts of objectives. It is a great game that takes a little getting used to, but once you do, you can have lots of fun. It also has a multiplayer mode.


Slither is a great snake game. You are a snake and you have to grow larger in order to be the best possible snake in the lobby. You have to eat pellets to grow. You can die by hitting another snake’s body, your own, or by hitting the wall which borders the map. You need to be the last snake standing. Play smart and have fun in this colorful, interesting version of snake.


This game is pretty amazing. You see a picture of Google Street View from anywhere in the world and you are supposed to guess where the picture was taken by placing a tag on Google Maps.

The game is really hard at first, but gets a lot simpler the longer you play it, as you start noticing roofs and various traffic signs, particularly if there is something written on them. 

Street Skater

Skater fans will be overjoyed to find that there is a browser game that they can play and skate in. Skateboarding is a great sport and even though most would prefer a game from the THPS or Skate series, settling for a browser game is more than good enough when you’re short on time and processing power.

Browser games are obviously still around, and doing quite well, judging by the titles that are getting more popular. These are the best browser games of 2021 that you can play right now.