Video games come and go and some video games are liked by most people and still played to this day, despite newcomers not understanding why. There are games that are played in browsers, which people actually like and enjoy, like Elvenar, a strategy game or the recent Heroes of Might and Magic Online.

Then, there are games which end up forgotten, because the developers don’t want to listen to the fans, nor they want to have any interaction with the fans, apparently. When a game gets ruined, then you leave, like most of the playerbase. 

Drakensang Online is one such game, which you probably shouldn’t play unless you have time to spend, or have been playing it since the start and are addicted.

Drakensang Online – What is It?

The game is a hack and slash MMORPG, similar to the famed Diablo series, or so they want you to think. Given that it is an online game and that you don’t have that many classes of characters, only four of them to be exact, you are not really going to be able to make a versatile character, or even multiple ones, should you want many playthroughs. Given that it is an MMO, you don’t really ever finish unless you stop playing.

The setting is the world of Anderworld, where you have multiple locations to visit and explore, just like any other RPG, especially an MMO, but with the creative naming and everything, you can’t really expect too much from the game, and you shouldn’t, and here is why.

Bad Updates, Pay to Win and Bad Maintenance

After a major update, or rather, an expansion called Dark Legacy, the game took a turn for the worse. Many fans would agree that the expansion was actually a new game and that the game became unplayable and definitely unrewarding for free to play players. You would have to pay to win, to get actual weapons and not just cosmetics and boosts.

The developers didn’t want to interact with the community that much and given that the community was not listened to, the majority of it left the game, going to play other games. There are many free to play games, anyway, most of them with developers that actually listen to their players.

What is the Status Now?

The game is still online and active, even though you don’t have that many players, at least not a community of newcomers, as you would see in other games that have been around for a while, like Elvenar. Some games are still getting support and frequent updates, staying fresh and interesting. 

Drakensang is not something you should consider, even as a free to play game, especially since there are alternatives which have actual reviews, good ones to boot. When you can’t find any recent community interactions about a game, you know that it is going downhill, or has been for a while.

What’s The Verdict?

The verdict is that the game is troublesome and will make you go through hoops and loops if you want to level up and actually feel like you are playing a game and not grinding and testing your patience. It’s either that, or you actually pay to get items and other boosts, which you shouldn’t be doing.

Drakensang Online was once an interesting game, but is now a pay to win game, and should be avoided as there are better alternatives.