This day and age, when mobile phones are used every single moment, we don’t really think about other types of games, do we? Well, wrong. People still love playing games, particularly when they are seated by a big screen and bored out of their minds. There are tons of great games that people would rather play online, than settle for a triple A game which is still to be patched, or play with players who end up being toxic.

Today, browser games are still played, even though the craze might not be as huge as it was in the 2000s. How popular are they really, though?

A Recovery From Flash

This was the biggest hit to browser games and it was the fact that flash was not really that safe to use. It could be exploited and while decent developers would never build exploits and malware into their games, some would, and the players never knew who was bad and who was good.

This made browser games step back and not recover until the latter stages of the 2010s. When browsers became more powerful and networking protocols were able to handle HTML5 with low latency, browser games started popping up all of a sudden. They grew in popularity and people were happy to play them once again.

What was it, nostalgia? Probably, but only for some people.

Mobile Games Getting Worse

Even though the mobile market was oversaturated, there was a tipping point where new games would simply be worse and where gamers would have to look elsewhere to find their fix of fun on the go.

With mobile games getting worse, it was time for browser games to step up, and they did, or rather, the developers did. Mobile gamers could find something new to play, because most browser games work just fine on smartphones.

The Advantages of a Pandemic

When hit with a global pandemic, most people had to stay indoors and they were tied to their screens. There are only so many games that you can play before you start thinking, huh, there are browser games as well. Let’s check them out.

Even though Covid19 is beyond horrible, there were some nice things that came out of it, like a rekindled love and interest in browser games. 

While browser games are not as popular as mobile games, nor triple A titles, they are still played, more than they were after flash was disposed of.