Thanks to technology, nowadays people can have fun at their homes. Some prefer to entertain themselves using online offers similar to Parimatch promo code, and some are more into playing video games. The popularity of video games has increased recently, so gamers can choose from many different genres. For example, adventure games are not rare these days. They have been around since the first video games appeared, but they were realistically around since the 1980s. They grew popular as the decade was ending and the 1990s were home to some amazing video games, adventure games as well.

However, adventure games were not as simple as people believed them to be at the time, nor were they as comical. They were works of art that changed the way we viewed games and gaming in general. Adventure games are not for everyone, but they have changed the gaming industry, at least, some of them have.

Here are the games that did.

Grim Fandango

Grim Fandango may be the pinnacle of what LucasArts games was able to produce. Released in 1998, this game is a 3D adventure game that follows Manny Calavera, who spends his time in the land of the dead. 

This is Tim Schafer’s masterpiece, a game that has amazing visuals, not to mention puzzles that will leave you wondering why you even started the game. Then, you will remember the music and the sights, and the story too, so everything will be forgiven. This was a game that was released when adventure games were already becoming less relevant. It managed to show the gaming industry how to make a good game, despite your genre not being favorable. 

The Longest Journey

Among the many great heroes in video games, April Ryan comes to mind as one of the most immersive ones. The Longest Journey takes us to a parallel universe where April Ryan has the ability to move between worlds. Her powers put her in danger and she sets out to help the world, while also caring for her newfound friends.

The game is a masterpiece in storytelling and worldbuilding. It is one of those games that you have to play if you want to see what a great story is. From breathtaking views to a narrative which will have you laughing at times, The Longest Journey, released in 2004, revived a struggling genre.

Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars

The templars have already played a role in multiple video games, all of which are unrelated to each other. It comes as no surprise that we see another mention of templars in Broken Sword, Revolution’s masterpiece which is amazing at throwing a blonde American man into a story filled with deception, violence and danger to the world.

George Stobbart is an insurance salesman, visiting Paris. He meets Nico Collard, a journalist, and together, they are thrown into an adventure which changes their lives. The Broken Sword series, but specifically the first game, are important because they show that you can make an amazing game in a world dominated by already huge companies, which at the time were LucasArts and Sierra.


Riven is a sequel to Myst, a game where you have to solve puzzles in a world so beautiful that you won’t mind the puzzles. Riven is a game which shows us that a story can be made through the environment, with little to no dialogue. Not everything has to be done with exposition and a good execution of storytelling can be done through many elements, visual and aural. 

These are some of the most important adventure games that changed the gaming industry.