What Are Browser Games?

In a world gone by, browser games were pretty much the only thing that you could play without having a powerful enough PC. Either you played browser games, or you played old games through emulators. Imagine telling some people back then that we would have Discord or Twitch. They wouldn’t believe us, as even consoles were not an option for […]

How Important is the Storyline in a Game?

We tend to play video games because we like some aspect of the game. Games tend to be centered around a couple of things, either a story or the gameplay, or in the case of some games, both. Whether you choose gameplay or story, all games that are good excel in something. Stories are seen as essential parts of a […]

The Last of Us: Part II – What Do the People Think

When video games are released, we often find critics sharing their opinions about them. But, critics are people that other people, or rather, regular people, have learned to dislike and most of the time, find their opinions to be terrible. We are interested in what the people think, regular people who spend their time playing games occasionally and do not […]

How Did Browser Games Affect An Entire Generation?

Video games are not what they used to be. The entire gaming market changed when mobile phones became tools that could support high-quality video games, for their size and power, of course. That being said, there was a period in time where everybody could make a video game and put it into a browser, through the usage of Adobe Flash. […]

Games We Can’t Wait to Play in 2022

Another year, another game. Every year, there are many video game releases, some of which we simply cannot wait to play. Every year, a couple of those games stand out and they leave customers wanting for more. 2022 has already had some great releases and we still can’t wait to play even those. Here are the top games of 2022 […]

Video Games for Beginners

Everybody has to start somewhere and even with video games, there are a couple of video games that people should use as introductory ones. There are so many video games out there, so here are the best ones for beginners to start their gaming journey with. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Skyrim is one of the best RPGs of the […]