When video games are released, we often find critics sharing their opinions about them. But, critics are people that other people, or rather, regular people, have learned to dislike and most of the time, find their opinions to be terrible.

We are interested in what the people think, regular people who spend their time playing games occasionally and do not judge them based on some made up, high standards which video games should adhere to.

The Last of Us: Part II is a sequel to the eponymous game and it follows the story of Joel and Ellie as they travel through a harsh world. Here is what the people have to say about the game.

It Is Praised for Being Harsh

The first game was amazing because it developed the connection between the characters, something that we as people love. When we relate to characters, when they resonate with us, we tend to like the content more than the ones that are foreign to us. Characters which are relatable and whose stories are told in a way which can make us empathize are the best designed ones.

The Last of Us: Part II is praised for a good continuation of the story, harsh as it is, and given the world the story is in, you can only guess what could happen.

But, the Story Was Also Criticized

While some people praise the story, others are quick to criticize. A number of users were sorely disappointed in the sequel, having played the prequel. Most of these users report high expectations but some have had seemingly level-headed reviews, which criticize the story as being worse. Some have criticized the marketing department for basically baiting fans of the first game with promises of a better one, while delivering an inferior product, story-wise.

A Good Movie With Gameplay

Some have gone so far to describe The Last of Us: Part II as a great movie, even one that has a high Hollywood budget, with the addition of gameplay. The story is great and the gameplay never gets in the way of the storytelling, which is an important part of a game that is story-centric. Being compared to a movie with a huge budget says a lot, yet the game is heavily criticized by most users.

An Unacceptable Metamorphosis of Characters

The game is actually called the Last of Us: Part II, which is meant to represent the direct continuation of where the previous game left off. The problem with this is that as the game continues, the timeline is the same, but the characters are abruptly changed, for reasons that are not compelling or believable. 

These abrupt changes to the two main characters have made a masterpiece, something not worth looking at. Given the long development period and the fact that the same studio was making the game, frustrated many users, feeling like they have wasted money on a bland story and mediocre gameplay (compared to gameplay-focused games).

Is It a Good Game?

Given the massive number of negative reviews for the game, it is hard to say whether the Last of Us: Part II is a good game. Some will say that it’s a masterpiece and others that it is beyond terrible.

Users should be able to try and tell for themselves. However, that is not an option so they are left with the choice of buying the game based on biased reviews, some of which sing praises, the others putting it in the dirt.

Read the reviews and try to figure it out. Watching playthrough videos is one of the ways to experience the story, which doesn’t cost money. The game sold well, but the reviews were everything but one-sided.