Is Reddit a Good Source for Gaming News?

We need to find our news somewhere in the world. News sites seem like an obvious choice, but it becomes stale when you see them reporting the same thing over and over again. When a company releases a trailer, you see the news outlet report that the company released a trailer.  That can get boring and repetitive, unless some actual […]

Is It Worth Making Indie Games?

As a game developer, you want to make money from your own products, right? Well, it is harder than it looks from the outside, as we will find out. Development is a hard process that takes a lot of time and budget. People are not really ready to explore unknown video games and get into the dark waters without having […]

Where did Come From and Why is It So Popular?

Video games come, video games go, some stay, some change and adapt and we still remain gamers, playing them and finding new ones to play. Browser games weren’t doing all that good for the first part of the 2010s. They became a bit better in the second part, as the io domain was becoming more popular and gamers started taking […]