Robin is on Patreon!

I’ve created a Patreon crowdfunder for my IF games.

My games will always be free, but it’s not free for me to make them. If you enjoy them, please consider pledging a small amount per month – $1 or more – to fund my time writing, programming, and doing everything else that goes into a work of IF. In return, patrons can receive electronic and physical feelies, and the chance to play beta versions of upcoming games before I release them.

Go and have a look!


Upcoming stuff

I’m pleased that Detectiveland has been shortlisted for Reading Digital Fiction’s digital writing competition, with a bunch of other cool stories/games. The winner will be announced at their event in Bangor on 25 May, which I don’t think I’m able to get to.

On 31 May I’ll be at a London IF meetup on new IF tools, presenting the Javascript system behind Draculaland and Detectiveland. Come and say hello!

Lastly, if you’ve left a comment on my blog in the last month or four… sorry. I hadn’t activated the spam filter properly and I’ve come back to 23,000 of the damn things. So they’re almost certainly all getting deleted, babies and bathwater alike.

Detectiveland won IFComp!

I’m so happy to have won the 2016 Interactive Fiction Competition with Detectiveland.

I’m grateful to all the organisers, players, and other authors; and to my testers, David Court, Brendan Hennessy, Mathbrush, Mike Preston, Andrew Schultz and especially Eve Morris. My biggest takeaway from this competition is how cool it is to see so many experimental forms: reduced parsers, new systems, parser games that feel storyish, choice games that feel puzzlish. My personal favourites included Inside the Facility, FairTake, and Color the Truth, which is the piece I thought would win.

I chose the $200 prize and donated it half each to Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union. Take care of each other.

Here’s the traditional postmortem on